Ways To Treat Oral Cancer

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Ways To Treat Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a terrible condition that affects millions of people. Cells in the mouth will grow in unnatural ways can ultimately lead to death if untreated. The following methods are used to treat oral cancer.


Chemotherapy is one of the main treatment options for oral cancer. The cancerous cells in the body are destroyed using chemicals that stop them from growing. There are five categories of drugs that are used for chemotherapy purposes and they can either be delivered orally via a pill intravenously as a liquid or directly injected into muscle tissue. While chemotherapy can be quite effective at ridding the body of cancerous cells, it comes with the drawback of also negatively affecting regular cells. Symptoms like hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and intestinal problems are often present with chemotherapy.


Radiotherapy is also another treatment method for oral cancer. This treatment uses energy beams created from ionizing radiation with a machine. The energy destroys cells that have been targeted by breaking down their DNA and preventing growth. Normal cells are also affected by this treatment, but normal cells have the ability to repair themselves. This treatment is usually used when mouth cancer is detected in its early stages, although it can be used in later stages and combined with other treatments. In later stages, cancer symptoms may be alleviated by radiotherapy.

Targeted Drug Therapy

Targeted drugs therapy tackles the problem of oral cancer by altering the growth of cancer cells with specific drugs. The way this treatment differs from others is that it aims to kill the cancerous cells without destroying the surrounding healthy cells. The treatment works on a molecular level to accomplish this to block enzymes and influence the normal process of cell death. There are many clinical trials that are being used to develop drugs that will perfect this kind of treatment.


Surgery allows medical professionals to fight oral cancer by removing the cancerous portions of tissue from the body. Sometimes cancers may form tumorous masses or even spread to other parts of the body that will limit the ability of the body to fight infection. The surgeon will cut away tumors, and sometimes remove portions of the jaw or tongue if the tumor is large enough. If cancer has spread to the neck, the lymph nodes may need to be removed. Implants may need to be placed in the mouth to reconstruct it after surgery. This treatment is often used with others as well.
When detected early enough, treatments can get rid of oral cancer and help people live normal lives.